Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala

For all the people who are in love with nature, and who want to confront nature in real-time, We would recommend wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is the best option. They could just lay their eyes upon anything and would find themselves falling in love with the same in no time. Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala possess a lot of nature, which people-loving individuals would definitely admire.

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

It is also known as Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, it is also an amazing destination in Kerala for all the people who love nature. It is situated in the Western Ghats.

Talking about flora and fauna, you could find approximately 1800 plants, 171 different species of grass, 143 different species of orchids. However, the beauty is not limited to flora only, here is a list of the animals and the number of different species that you can find. Here you can find approximately 35 species of mammals and 265 different species of birds.

What is the best time to come here? This is one of the most frequent questions by those who are planning their vacations here. In my opinion, from November to April you can choose any day of any month to visit this place.

2. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the amazing wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, which is currently under the attention of UNESCO. However, the beautiful nature here lures a lot of tourists here; did I mention nature? Elaborating the term, you would be greeted by the beauty of flora and fauna.

How many species would you find here?

You would find approximately 39 different species of mammals,  268 different varieties of birds,16 different species of amphibians. Need not to wrap up the information here, you would also enjoy 124 types of butterflies and 61 species of reptiles.

Now, again if you want to know which month is perfect to come here? Then I would recommend the same, i.e. you can choose any month from November to April.

3. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

It is situated at a distance from 40 km from Thodupuzha. This beautiful sanctuary glares with its beauty from between the two rivers, viz Cheruthoni and Periyar.

The beauty of this sanctuary can’t be described in words, however, the details can be, therefore, it covers over 77 sq.kilometres.

There are a number of species encased within this beautiful sanctuary, such as Sambhars, Jungle Cats, Wild Dogs, and Tigers, etc. The sweet chirps of birth, luke-warm breezes, and a long area covered in greenery could relieve anyone from worries and tensions.

4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Another amazing wildlife sanctuary is also under UNESCO. It is situated on the borders of Tamil Nadu; being precise, it is located at Rajamala Udumalpet Road (SH 17) in Idukki district.

It is extended to an area of 90 sq.km. It is unique as compared to the other wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. How is this different? The answer to this question lies in the climate of this area, which lets them have rain for only 48 days. As a result, it possesses huge sharp scrubs within the forest.

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