Dynamic cities, fabulous food, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and national parks with wildlife-packed rain-forests all of this can be found in Malaysia.
A melting pot of most of the world, this beautiful country has much to offer that sets it apart from the rest of Southeast Asia.

Cultural Diversity

The catchy tourism slogan ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ continues to ring true as this country really is a potpourri of Asian cultures. Muslim Malays, religiously diverse Chinese, and Hindu and Muslim Indians all muddle along with aboriginal groups (the Orang Asli) on Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo’s indigenous people, scores of tribes known collectively as Dayaks. Each ethnic group has its own language and cultural practices which you can best appreciate through a packed calendar of festivals and a delicious variety of cuisines

Ancient Rainforests

For many visitors, Malaysia is defined by its equatorial rainforest. Significant chunks of primary jungle among the most ancient ecosystems on earth remain intact, protected by national parks and conservation projects. Seemingly impenetrable foliage and muddy, snaking rivers conjure up the ‘heart of darkness’ but join a ranger-led nature walk, for example, and you’ll be alerted to the mind-boggling biodiversity all around, from the pitcher plants, lianas, and orchids of the humid lowlands, to the conifers and rhododendrons of high-altitude forests.

Continental food

With the many cultures that have found a home in Malaysia, food showcasing their uniqueness and specialties has become one of, if not the highlight of a trip here. local foods bring together flavors from all over the known world to create a special flavor only found here. Cuisines from all over still continue to flow through this meeting point of the world, so an Indian breakfast followed by a Nyonya lunch and a Korean dinner is totally doable

Cheap goods galore

One of the attractions of Malaysia is the low cost of goods, be it of the edible, wearable or simply displayable variety. The distinctive day and night food markets, frequented by everyone regardless of income and class, provide great insight into the everyday life of Southeast Asian locals


The beautiful archipelago that spans all of lower Southeast Asia is a destination adventure all by itself, but Malaysia has its own islands worth making a little trip up north. The west coast islands of Penang and Langkawi are exceptionally famed for being among the top must-visit spots

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