Traveling with kids can test even the most patient of parents, so to make your next trip smoother, here are our must-know travel hacks for families.
Let’s face it, while family vacations can be a lot of fun and create some very special memories, traveling with kids can also leave you feeling frazzled and frustrated, especially at the airport and on the plane.
It’s worth having a few travel hacks up your sleeve to make your trip go smoothly, so here are some travel hacks to ease you & your little ones through the journey.

1. Organize entertainment the night before

Load up the iPad with plenty of your kids’ favorite movies and games for the flight, but make sure you do this the night before your trip. The last thing you want the morning of your flight is to leave for the airport late because you’re frantically waiting for Frozen to finish downloading.

2. Vacuum seal bags are your friend

Not sure how on earth you’re going to fit everything into your luggage? Get your hands on some vacuum seal bags – when clothes are put in these and the air is sucked out with a vacuum cleaner, the bag shrinks and takes up minimal space. You’ll amaze yourself with just what you can fit into a suitcase and carry-on bag.

3. Wrap shoes in a shower cap

This is a super nifty way to keep clothes clean and separate from dirty shoes that the little ones (and parents) have been running about in. Wrap them up in a disposable shower cap for a cheap and easy way to keep shoes separated in luggage.

4. Make sure everyone is wearing comfy clothes

Kids may look adorable in a specially designed travel outfit, but if they’re uncomfortable, they’ll be unhappy. Dress them in soft, baggy layers, or even pyjamas. Kids will love the novelty of being able to go out in their night-time wear, and if you bring a pillow along too, they can snuggle up and (hopefully) drift off to sleep on the plane. The same goes for you with everything else you’re trying to deal with on a flight, at the very least, you want to be comfy. Wear loose-fitting clothing that you can relax and easily move around in.

5. Make phone number bracelets

This is a cute (and extremely useful) way to make sure your children are armed with your contact number when out and about. Make a beaded bracelet using number beads to read out your contact number in case kids get lost. This will be something children actually enjoy wearing, rather than a travel card that can be easily lost (or torn up), and is a fun alternative to writing your number on their arm!

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