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Argentina tour package for 16 days

Argentina is covered with natural wonder, wetlands, Andean Plateau, symbolic landscapes and the mixture of topography.

Iguazu – Puerto Madryn – Ushuaia – Calafate – Bariloche – Buenos Aires

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Arrival to Iguazu & transfer to hotel. Check-in.

DAY 2 of Argentina Tour Package: IGUAZU

Breakfast in the hotel.

Full day to Argentina Iguazú Falls (entrance fee to the national park is included).

The Argentine Falls tour takes longer since the inauguration of the new facilities for the Upper, Lower and the Devil’s Throat Circuits. Visitors first arrive at the Visitors Center and walk the Nature’s Interpretation Center. At the Visitors Center, the Green Train leaves from central Station and goes first to Cataratas Station in about 8 minutes The option is a short walk through the “Green Trail” that leads to the beginning of the path towards the Upper and Lower trails, right after Cataratas Station.

Otherwise, the same train goes on to Garganta del diablo Station. Once you have finished the circuits, you return to the Visitors Center where the vehicles are waiting for the transfer to the hotels or the Airport.

Upper Circuit:

The 800 meters of catwalks are detached from the jungle’s surface so as to protect the fauna by preventing disruption of their natural trails.
From this circuit you have an upper view of the falls, enjoying their magnificence with a panoramic view. Duration of the tour: one (1) hour.
Lower Circuit: 1.600 meters of catwalks, also detached from the jungle’s surface, enjoying a view from below and around the falls. This circuit provides a unique experience of feeling part of the natural surroundings, watching and sensing their magnitude from close. Duration of the tour: two (2) hours.

Devil`s George:

Departing from Cataratas Station, the train goes up to Garganta Station in about 18 minutes. Then a walk along the catwalks, some 1200 meters over the islands, take you to enjoy the most spectacular sight from the most important balcony: The Devil’s Gorge. The time required: two (2) hours.

Optional tour: GREAT ADVENTURE 

Great Adventure combines in a single trip the very essence of Iguazu National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls. Departing from the Operative Center or from the Visitors’ Center, we shall enter the jungle by the Yacaratiá trail in trucks specially designed for this environment. Bilingual guides (Spanish and English) will introduce the place’s natural and cultural resources.

This 5 km long stretch ends at Puerto Macuco. At its dock, visitors shall board on the boats that shall be sailing in the Lower Iguazu River for as long as 6 km, heading towards the waterfalls area, enjoying plentiful rapids.
Upon reaching the Tres Mosqueteros Fall, visitors shall be able to see the falls of both the Argentine and Brazilian sides crowned by the view of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Afterward, the most exciting point comes when facing the incomparable San Martín waterfall, the second in dimension and the hugest any boat may face.

At the end of the trip, we shall descend from the boat on the dock located in front of the San Martín Island, where visitors may continue enjoying the landscape joining the runways system of the Lower Circuit.
This excursion can also be made in the opposite direction: from the San Martín dock to the Visitors’ Center.


DAY 3 of Argentina Tour Package: IGUAZU / TRELEW / PUERTO MADRYN

Breakfast in the hotel & check-out. Later, Transfer to the airport. Flight to Trelew (air ticket not included). Arrival to Trelew (REL) and transfer to the hotel in Puerto Madryn (80 km). Check-in is in the afternoon.

DAY 4 of Argentina Tour Package: PUERTO MADRYN

Breakfast in the hotel

Full day Punta Tombo penguins reserve:

We will leave Puerto Madryn in the morning to visit the greatest continental Reserve of Magellan’s penguin, imagine walking between more than a half-million penguins, this is what we will do when we arrive at Punta Tombo, with the necessary time to know its habitat and its way of life.

Our tour guide will accompany you during the long walk that takes 2 hours and he will give you an Interpretation of the life of the penguins, discovering every detail about Patagonia.
On the way back to our hotel, we will go to Trelew to visit the Museum of the dinosaurs Egidio Feruglio considered the most important of South America. This museum is well known for its collection of Patagonians fossils and dinosaur’s skeletons.

Full-Day Excursion, going through 400 Km. approx. (Departure time around 8.00 Hs) The visit of Punta Tombo is carried out from the middle of September to the middle of April (season of Penguins), Trelew is carried out during all the year.
The difficulty does not present.

We suggest comfortable clothes, a hat, solar protection and many desires of enjoying the day. It does not include lunch or any other extras.

DAY 5 of Argentina Tour Package: PUERTO MADRYN

Breakfast in the hotel

Full day Peninsula Valdes:

You will visit one of the selected places as Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO, a variety of terrestrial and marine fauna not usually seen in the same place are its unique characteristics. We will pick you up early in the morning to let you discover the natural reserves and the tourist points of the protected area of Peninsula Valdés, like the Centre of Interpretation Istmo Ameghino, the Island of the birds, the colony of sea lions in Punta Pirámides, the tourist village of Puerto Piramides, where is optional to do the Whale Watching (from June to December), the Small and Large Salt lakes (which are among the greater depressions of America), the colonies of sea elephants in Punta Delgada, Caleta Valdés and Punta Cantor, visiting the Lighthouse of Punta Norte in the season of killer whales.

During the way, we will have the possibility to see a lot of terrestrial fauna: lamas guanacos, Patagonian hare, grey foxes, Patagonian Piche or armadillos, and Darwin’s rheas. During all the day you will be assisted by our guides, expert of the Patagonian nature. Full-Day Excursion, going through 400 Km. approx.

(Departure time around 8.00 Hs) It is carried out all the year, according to the season, our tour may suffer some changes in the itinerary and the reserves visited according to the fauna. The difficulty does not present. We suggest comfortable clothes, a hat, solar protection and many desires of enjoying the day. It does not include: lunch either the navigation for Whales Watching

DAY 6 of Argentina Tour Package: PUERTO MADRYN / TRELEW / USHUAIA

Breakfast & check-out. Transfer to Trelew airport. Flight departure to Ushuaia (air ticket not included). Arrival to Ushuaia & transfer to the hotel. Check-in in the afternoon.


DAY 7 of Argentina Tour Package: USHUAIA

Breakfast in the hotel.

Half-day tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park:

It is located 11 km away from the city. We will be able to appreciate lakes, lagoons, and rivers within its limits, and their exit towards Beagle Channel, characteristic that makes the difference with the other national parks of our country.
Departing from the Maipu Avenue towards the southwest by the national route no. 3, we will drive out of the city passing by the slope of the Susana Mount, the witness of the work of the prisoners of the old prison, where now the Southern Fuegian Railway is located. Here we will stop for this optional tour.


Through the valley to the deviation that takes us to the Ensenada Bay, where we will be able to contemplate the Redonda and Estorbo Islands and on the other coast of the Channel of Beagle, the snow-white Mountains of the Sampaio Chain (Chile). Back again on national route #3 with the Fuegian forest and its flora close to the road we will go to the Roca Lake to do a long walk by the lake coast and by the Lapataia river, originated in the lake.

From this point, we can see the Cóndor Hill natural border with Chile.
We will go towards the other end of the Park, where finalizes the route no. 3 at Lapataia Bay, on the way to the mentioned bay we will observe the Green Lagoon and the Black Lagoon, large growing peat bog. Finally, we will pass by the beaver dams, whose footpath will lead to Lapataia Bay.
Afternoon at leisure.

Optional tour: BEAGLE CHANNEL NAVIGATION – (no transfer or tax port included)

We start our tour from the tourist local wharf crossing Ushuaia’s wide Bay until reaching the Beagle Channel across Paso Chico. There we sail around la Isla de Los Pájaros where we will see Skúas, Albatros of Black Eyebrow, Patos Vapor, Cauquenes, Gaviotas Cocineras, and Gaviotas Grises; and la Isla de Los Lobos where we can observe seals of one and two hair.

Both islands belong to the Archipelago Bridges. When coming to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (The Illuminators), we will be able to see the colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Roqueros Cormorants; and also listen to the history of the sinking of the SS Monte Cervantes who led in 1930. Finishing the trip you will be able to see the mountains that surround Ushuaia’s city. It is a tour of great historical and landscape value, visiting privileged and interesting points along the whole trip.

DAY 8 of Argentina Tour Package: USHUAIA / EL CALAFATE

Arrival to El Calafate & transfer to the hotel. Check-in in the afternoon.

DAY 9 of Argentina Tour Package: EL CALAFATE

Breakfast in the hotel.

Traditional full-day tour to Perito Moreno Glacier and Los Glaciares National Park:

We will depart from El Calafate, go round the southern bank of Lago Argentino, past Bahia Redonda, where a great variety of avifauna can be seen. We will go along the Patagonic steppe during the first 40 km, and then enter Los Glaciares National Park, which is plenty of trees that are typical of this region such as the ones belonging to the family of Nothofagus (ñires, lengas, cohiues) and others such as calkers, notros, and cinnamon trees.

Once in the glacier, we will go to the main vantage point to later go sightseeing until the time previously arranged with the guide. The Park is equipped with a service area including a restaurant and a snack bar for lunchtime.
Visitors will have the possibility of sailing for an hour near the glacier walls, being able to see the height of its front part.

Optional tour: SAFARI NAUTICO short navigation 

During the excursion to the Perito Moreno glacier. This excursion takes you on a cruise across Lake Rico, passing beside icebergs which have calved off the front of the Perito Moreno glacier. Reaching the Icebergs Channel, the boat will stop at a safe distance from the glacier, continuing to sail down all its front, allowing a spectacular view of the high wall of ice.- The embarkment takes place at the “Bajo de las Sombras” bay, about 6 km before the glacier Balconies, with hourly departures from 10 am to 3 pm.- The excursion lasts approximately one hour and provides a totally different perspective of the Perito Moreno glacier, with almost constant falling walls of ice from its front.


DAY 10 of Argentina Tour Package: EL CALAFATE

Breakfast in the hotel. Day at leisure.


Departure from the hotel towards Punta Bandera’s Port, to embark on a Catamaran that will navigate the Northern arm of Argentino Lake. Along the way, passengers will observe Upsala & Spegazzini glaciers, as well as their channels, and beautiful icebergs that will amaze them with their variety of shapes and shades of blue.

DAY 11 of Argentina Tour Package: EL CALAFATE / BARILOCHE

Breakfast in the hotel & check-out. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Bariloche (air ticket not included). Arrival to Bariloche & transfer to the hotel. Check-in is in the afternoon.


Breakfast in the hotel

Small circuit (half day)

The tour starts in Bariloche, riding down Ezequiel Bustillo Ave.: a winding paved road along the Nahuel Huapi lakeshore. You will see Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes, El Trébol lagoon, San Pedro and Llao Llao peninsulas, Victoria Island, Otto, López, Goye and Catedral hills, and the main town, San Carlos de Bariloche. Further ahead, and after leaving the San Pedro peninsula behind, you reach the Llao Llao peninsula, with its namesake hilltop hotel and San Eduardo Chapel, two architectural jewels of this region, and you go by Pañuelo Port, the starting point of many lake excursions.

Later on, you will go by a golf course, cross the bridge over the Angostura river that joins Nahuel Huapi Lake with Moreno Lake, and pass by López Bay at the base of López Hill. Further on, you get to the Panoramic Point, a belvedere with a magnificent view of Moreno Lake and the Llao Llao peninsula. Then you will cross the bridge over Moreno Lake at a narrow end, follow the shoreline of El Trébol lagoon, and 2 km ahead you meet Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. again and return to Bariloche. Lifts are not included.

Afternoon at leisure. Accommodation


Breakfast in the hotel & check-out. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Buenos Aires (air ticket not included). Arrival at the domestic airport (AEP) & transfer to the hotel. Check-in is in the afternoon. Accommodation



Breakfast in the hotel. Morning panoramic city tour: This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will see the symbol of our city: the obelisk. We will visit different squares such as Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martín, Plaza Congreso. Avenues like Corrientes, Mayo, 9 de Julio, among others. Historical neighborhoods: La Boca, San Telmo, Montserrat. Elegant neighborhoods such as Palermo and Recoleta, and the most modern: Puerto Madero. Parks such as Lezama and Tres de Febrero. We will also visit financial and commercial areas and a Football Stadium. The tour ends at strategic points in the city. Accommodation


Breakfast in the hotel. Day at leisure. Accommodation

Optional tour: DELTA NORTH ZONE

Watching the Delta you will appreciate the generosity of nature in a very singular place. We will leave Buenos Aires City going to the north of the Great Buenos Aires looking for the natural scenery of the Delta and its islands. The way of life the “isleños” (people who live in the islands) is very special. We will know their costumes, culture and their way of life. The tour ends at strategic points in the city.

Dinner & Tango Show with transfers


Breakfast in the hotel & check-out. Transfer to EZE international airport. End of our services.



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Argentina Tour Package Inclusions

  • Transfer In / Transfer Out (Spanish speaking driver)
  • 02 nights’ accommodation in Puerto Iguazu with breakfast
  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Puerto Madryn with breakfast
  • 02 nights’ accommodation in Ushuaia with breakfast
  • 03 nights’ accommodation in El Calafate with breakfast
  • 02 nights’ accommodation in Bariloche with breakfast
  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Buenos Aires with breakfast
  • Tours in shared service with English speaking bilingual guide
  • Entrances to mentioned national parks

Argentina Tour Package Exclusions

  • Air tickets, taxes, and surcharges.
  • International or domestic border taxes.
  • Meals and services not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Eco Tax in Bariloche – to be paid at the hotel

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Given below are some of the terms and conditions before considering this Argentina tour package booking-

  • Prices are subject to change in case of any change or amendment in the routing.
  • GST will be charged additionally as applicable.
  • Itineraries, destinations, venues, and scheduled departure are subject to change without prior notice
  • All the above prices are accordingly on per person per journey on twin sharing basis
  • The itineraries and timings are subject to change, due to factors beyond our control such as ‘force
    majeure’ events, strikes, fairs, festivals, sports events, weather conditions, disruptions/diversions of rail/ road
    services, re-routing of railway/ roads, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sightseeing, non-availability of
    venues etc.
  • The tour will generally be organized as per the details are given above. However, one may please contact us for customizing the tour according to your likes.

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