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Kashmir, in the northernmost part of India, is mainly a mountainous region. Now, where it is a region with rivers, valleys, and mountains around, that region was a lake in history. Geologists say, in ancient times, the lake drained to the gap of Baramulla(Varahamula). Baramulla is the city located on the banks of the river Jhelum. Kashmir is a place that has lush green vegetation and dense tropical forests. 

Kashmir is an enthralling tourist place with fun things to experience. Here below are the ten fun things you can do during your travel to Kashmir.

The Shikara ride

Shikara is a longboat or a ferry in Dal lake, Srinagar, used to transport back and forth from the houseboat during boating tours or daily travel.

If you want to explore the lake and take a breathtaking view, riding the boat, then you must choose the Shikara ride in Dal lake. The ride, in the calm, pleasant waters, in the lightweight boat is heavenly to feel.

You can enjoy seeing the famous Kashmir Valley, with scenic surroundings with views that astonish you. Shikara ride helps you relax amidst nature, between the snow-capped mountains, gardens, and calm lake waters. One can also visit the Nehru and Shalimar Gardens, which are nearby tourist attractions too.

Gulmarg in Kashmir

Gulmarg is a hill-station situated in the Pir Panjal Range in the Western Himalayas and a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Gulmarg is one of the famous skiing destinations too. Gulmarg hosts several winter sports activities like snowboarding, skiing, and high-handed hiking Mount Apharwat, reachable by a Gondola lift. It also provides the best skiing equipment and a professional instructor. Gulmarg was also rated Asia’s seventh-best skiing destination.

Gulmarg Gondola

Gulmarg Gondola is a high-altitude cable car, a two-stage gondola lift that ferries 600 people per hour. This cable car tours to and from Kongdoori Mountain, a portion of Apharwat peak. This ropeway cable-car is an administered union territory of India. It is a joint venture of the Jammu and Kashmir government and French firm Pomagalski.

Houseboat Stay

You need not have the opportunity to visit the Shikara ride at Dal Lake, but you also can spend a night at the houseboat at Dal Lake. It is said to be one of the best experiences in Jammu & Kashmir and the one chance that you cannot miss! There are facilities like wifi and airport transfer too in the houseboats. Many houseboats also offer you a restaurant with a bar with ambient accommodation available. Take this chance to experience the serene lake and a sound experience.


Srinagar is an incredible destination. Many of us know Kashmir is famous for its arts and crafts, decoration pieces, handicrafts, and furniture, which are world-famous. Due to the intense winters here and the cold weather, the essential product they sell here is the Pashmina shawls. Intricate hard work lies in making these beautiful hand-crafted shawls. They use the soft wool of the Himalayan goat to make these shawls. They are a little expensive but are worth the money and their quality.

Silk Carpet is also an essential shopping good, and many industries have developed handloom weaving of local silk, cotton, and wool. However, tourists also buy dry fruits like walnuts. They also purchase spices, saffron, and cardamom too, which are quite famous and produced here.

On all sides, beautiful valleys surround the place, Srinagar. It is a highlighting destination for India, with fabulous cuisine and beautiful places to view. It is an unimaginable place to visit!

Mughal Gardens

Shalimar Bagh is a large garden in Kashmir and a top among the Mughal architecture and horticulture. Mughal emperor Jehangir built this beautiful place for his wife Nur Jahan in 1619. Over several years, this has continued to be a famous tourist attraction around Dal Lake. People also call this place as “Crown of Srinagar.” The Mughal Gardens have long water-flowing canals alongside water fountains, numerous trees for the shade, monuments, and arches architecture built in Moghul style.

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