Golden Triangle Tour

If you are planning your vacation and want to go on a trip this vacation then Golden Triangle Tour would definitely be the best option in your list. If it isn’t your in your bucket list to visit this place at least once, then you should add this, and if you aren’t familiar with this term then let me tell you. It is one of India’s amazing locations which features the Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra.

Now sounds familiar? Yes, their names couldn’t be ignored that easily. However, if you are a traveler then definitely you might not wish to miss taking a tour to this place at least once in your whole life span.

However, a long list of tourists spots could always put you in the dilemma of where to start the tour, therefore, here is a list of some special and beautiful places where you can start

1. Village Walking Tours

India is a country of tradition, however, if you want to know more about its tradition, then you should leave the city lights for some time and have to walk barefoot around, through villages and should explore the lifestyle of the villagers.

It would be an astounding experience to confront the local villagers and talk to them about the historical significance of everything that falls on your path. Moreover, there are a lot of local street plays in these cities, you should enjoy them to the fullest while you are here. This would be a completely different experience for you.

More enthralling would be discovering Sanji. It is the name of the local art which was made making use of stencils.

2. Have local delicacies of Agra

Before your confrontation with the local people, let’s serve your belly some delightful food. However, let me tell you something before you lay your eyes upon food: the food sceneries are also as famous as the food here.  For example, Ramprabhu paratha Bhandar. The delicious butter floating over a hot layer of paratha would be mouth-watering, however, the local pickle would add further delight to the flavor of the paratha. Therefore, it is recommended to try it once. There are across 50 different types of chaats available across the city, none to leave without tasting once. Now, as you have arrived here, you must also try Petha. It is famous across numerous cities.

3. Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Flora and Fauna are other things that are famous in these cities, therefore, one must attempt to explore them. There are a number of jeeps and Safari ready to serve you for your tour across the sanctuary. If you would have luck by your side, there are chances that you might be able to have a look at tigers from safari. You can also lay your eyes upon some of the elephants at the elephant rescue center. Moreover, you can also go for a bird watching tour. This enthralling activity is also available for you to do here.

4. Explore famous places

Last in the queue is the element for which everyone comes here. These cities represent some amazing monuments and architecture such as Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and many more, and as if you are visiting them you must visit them as well. This would be an outstanding experience as these buildings are built nothing like anything, each and every one is unique and different from the other one, moreover, portrays completely different beauty.

There are a lot of places which are not mentioned in the list of “must-visit location” of Golden Triangle tour, however, you need not worry about anything the natives won’t let you leave any city without you being completely doomed in their amazing beauty.

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