Malaysia Travel Guide – What Not To Do While Traveling In Malaysia

1. Paying attention to religious festivals & holidays is important as most of the tourist attractions are closed during the holidays.

2. Watch out for vehicles on the roads while crossing. Because driving is on the left side of the road & steering wheel is on the right side.

3. Avoid talking about or eating pork in front of local people as Malaysia has a large Muslim population.

4. Drinking is banned in Malaysia.

5. Religious ceremonies are held at Mosques & women wear robes & headscarves.

6. Printing animals or portraits on items is considered a taboo in Malaysia

7. Malaysian men usually won’t shake hands with women unless women take the initiative to do so.

8. To take or pass items please use the right hand as Malays consider left hand to be unclean.

9. Pointing your index finger to others is considered offensive in Malaysia.

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