Famous festivals in Kerala

Popularly known for its beauty and unique culture, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India that is a common choice for maximum tourists. The popularity and preference are also based on its cultural and traditional outlook that is seen during all the famous festivals in Kerala. This state is rich in its warm and welcoming nature towards all kinds of religious beliefs, which also provide the Kerala people a chance to celebrate all the festivals and unity at the same time. Among all the celebrated festivals, we have collected some popular ones that are an integral part of Kerala’s tradition.

1. Onam

Thiruvonam, popularly known as Onam is the national festival of Kerala that gets celebrated for ten days. This is one of the most famous festivals in Kerala gets celebrated, remembering the King Mahabali, a mythical king who was the ruler of Kerala. From arranging Kathakali dance to creating Pookalam, sharing gifts with each other to illuminating the houses, the grandeur, and the beauty of Onam make the entire Kerala special. The famous festival is celebrated nearly between August and September.

2. Vishu

Among famous festivals in Kerala, Vishu is considered a pious festival for Hindus and gets celebrated in April. This festival is mainly known for being the New Year for Malayali people who believe that the entire year will be dependent on how the festival goes. People start their day from garlanding god Krishna and end their day with Fireworks, the major attraction point of this festival.

3. Kerala Boat Festival

One of the main reasons to visit Kerala is to celebrate the Kerala Boat festival with the natives as the view of rivers, the decorated boats made with colorful flowers are a pleasure to watch. The boat festival is held nearly around July or September and the interesting part is the boat race that is seen in a lot of famous lakes near Alappuzha. The festival gets celebrated with great exuberance, cheer, and laughter that makes it memorable among the citizens.

4. Pongal

Another interesting and beautiful festival in Kerala is Pongal that is popularly called the farmer’s day. To celebrate the festival women are usually seen wearing their traditional outfits and make the food item in an open-air place. The festival is mainly celebrated around February and indulges in feasting, gift sharing, and celebrating the pious day with family.

5. Christmas

The popular festival of the entire world, Christmas becomes special in Kerala due to the unconventional arrangement of natives. People make customized gifts for their family and friends and the celebration mainly starts from 23rd December. Christmas becomes more charming in Kerala as a large number of Christians make their festival more authentic by following all of their rituals.

6. Makaravilakku Festival

The festival is celebrated for almost seven days that starts from Makar Sankranti, a very auspicious day for Hindus. Kerala people worship the idol of Lord Ayyappa in the famous Ayyappa temple that is situated in Sabarimala. The devotion is seen when a huge number of people come together to worship the idol in the temple.

All of these festivals have their own unique charm because of all the historic elements related to it. As they say, the significance of a particular place is mostly seen in their festivals. The festivals in Kerala are the major attraction amongst all the tourists and they keep coming back to get a taste of the local flavors. Besides the environmental beauty, the state has its own cultural components which is very much present in all of their festivals.

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