Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala, India

Ayurveda medicine was developed about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda treatment is more trust aligned because it is completely natural and one of the oldest healing medication practised in India. Plants are used as a source of medicine to cure diseases and promote harmony in life. It also aims to achieve good health rather than just fighting the disease. It beliefs that health and well-being are dependent upon a sheer balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala promotes health benefits to restore peace of the body and relieve stress issues. No health problems such as back pain, skin disease, diabetes, infertility, insomnia, asthma, etc. are untouched with the holistic system of treatment followed by Ayurveda medicine.

Ayurvedic traditions of Kerala

Kerala is the only place that is believed to have kept the tradition of Ayurveda alive. Various ashrams and health-care centres provide ayurvedic treatment in Kerala with the aid of ayurvedic herbs and also, some Vaidya families who follow this traditional approach. The therapists and doctors are trained under such traditional ayurvedic Vaidya families. The treatment of the patients involves the utilization of rich medicinal flora thriving in Kerala.

Oral Ayurveda Medication

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala involves oral Ayurveda medication in their treatment packages as in tablet form, pastes, or fermented decoctions. This medication is sometimes difficult to swallow or bitter in taste but it is essential to continue along with the Ayurveda therapies for a more pronounced effect.

The health care centres provide pure herbal medication without including any traces of metals or chemicals. These centres offer medicines that are sourced from Ayurveda pharmacies owned by the traditional Ayurveda Vaidyas of Kerala. They have also started to grow various medicinal trees/plants in their organic farm to promote its growth on their own. 

Ayurveda treatment in Kerala is also supported by the daily practice of pranayamas, meditation, and yoga. Ayurvedic therapies work best when combined with such activities of peace. It proves efficient enough to strengthen the balance of body and mind. Meditation is a practice that helps to manage your emotions, mind, and body. It is an inner state that helps to untangle the knots of life and brings peace from within. This spiritual journey balances and smoothens the situations.

These pranayamas if practised with concentration, make the nervous system sensitive and leads to the activation of muscles. The Ayurveda treatment package also includes consultation on yoga practices or meditation and, pranayama routine. It is advised to follow a slow or gradual exercise that does not strain the body and effectively proceed with your session of healing.

Good Diet and Happy Lifestyle

A proper diet and a healthy lifestyle demand a good partnership in appropriate proportion along with oral medication to effectively complement the therapies under Ayurveda treatment. It would be wise enough to notice the serenity of nature and immerse yourself in its peace rather than treating the ashram as a vacation resort.

A strict but healthy diet restrictions are made that exclude heavy spices or any non-vegetarian items. Dairy products, nuts, mild spices, and gluten are openly recommended. A relaxed lifestyle that flaunts an abundance of nature, wildlife, medicinal plants with a combination of a good diet affects the body in every possible aspect of positivity.


Ayurveda treatment promises the best rejuvenation therapies to ensure a healthy life of patients under treatment. The traditional Ayurveda with a touch of modern technology that promotes organic products is effective in the process of healing patients. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala scales the mild, moderate, or intense approach accordingly to deliver the highest well-being outcome of an individual.

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